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About Numerology

Numerology explores distinct and complex qualities found in numeric symbols. By analysing the symbol and character of each number, or their combinations, we understand facts about people and about who we are, going beyond the scope of limited thinking.There are several different systems of calculations in Numerology which are all relevant depending on the reading required.  

Numerogram readings analyse a persons name and date of birth, and this chart discloses a persons Character, Motivation, Emotions, Personality, Actions and Communications. The numerogram also shows Compatibility with other people and items in the persons daily life, such as a house, an address, a town, a telephone number, time, space, weight, price, or a project and so forth. 

In addition, numerology is helpful to understand relations, family, own behaviour but also to realise how to improve as a person and connect better with other people and to have an open mind to life. What are the most important things in life?

Health, love, career?

The philosopher Pythagoras answer to this question was: "To know who we are"

He added;

"The goal is to control emotions ,psyche, and the body through discipline and peace to live in harmony with the universe"