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The Life path (Destiny number) is one of the most important number .
It shows the path you must walk ,the lessons you must learn in this lifetime.

To calculate your Destiny number you need to add up all the numbers in your
birth of date and reduce the answer to a single digit.

Example :
5 day
6 month
+ 1842 year
= 1853

1+8+5+3 = 26 and 2+6 = 8

This person has a Life path 8

For our example above, the person with life path 8 is a business leader.

Interpretation of life path number:

1. The independent, individual

2. The mediator, peacemaker

3. The self-expressive ,creative

4. The devoted worker

5. The passionate adventurer and freedom lover

6. The compassionate helpmate

7. The truth seeker and searcher

8. The business leader

9. The idealist humanitarian